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Mid 1999 Kurt Spitzner's Escort GT as seen on the SCCA web site. Pictures

October 3, 1999 Track Day at Buttonwillow Pictures

September 24, 2000 Solo2 at Anaheim Stadium 9.2MB MPEG Video

October 29, 2000 Solo2 at Buttonwillow (rain)
2nd place - my 1st Trophy!
4.3MB MPEG Video

December 3, 2000 Solo2 at Hollywood Park Pictures

January 15, 2001 Pop! Goes the engine.
212,600 miles = rebuild time

May 27, 2001 Atwater ProSolo 3.3MB DivX Video **

June 7, 2001 The coolest Birthday cake! Pictures

August 12, 2001 CSCC Solo2 - Hollywood Park
My First Win!

Oct 28, 2001 Solo2 at Buttonwillow
Win number 2!
MPEG Videos:
-- The winning run (5 MB)
-- The big slide (863 KB)
(Check out the wobble!)
-- David Avard on track (2.6 MB)

Nov 25, 2001 Solo2, Las Vegas Region!  Pictures

December 21, 2001 I get in Sports Car magazine !!  Pictures

January 27, 2002 I start the 2002 season with Win Number 3 in the rain!  David Avard races my car to 2nd place and Julie Jacobs takes my car to the win in STSL!  Practice Day video:
 Me (5.2 MB)
 Art Rinner (5.4  MB)

March 16-17, 2002 My Escort GT takes STS at the SCCA National Tour in San Diego!  Woohoo!
I take 1st, Joe Graves takes 2nd in my car!
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| Press

March 23-24, 2002 Escort GT lightning strikes twice!
First in STS at the SCCA El Toro ProSolo!
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May 4-5, 2002 What can I say?  First Place at the Atwater National Tour! Pictures | Results | Press

May 11-12, 2002 The streak is broken!  2nd Place at the Atwater Pro Solo.  Man, those Subarus can launch off the line!  And a great drive by fellow Cal-Clubber Hiroo! Results | Press